Statisticians and psychologists

The statistical unit will be composed by members of Vita-Salute San Raffaele University (UniSR) involved in the activities of CUSSB (University Center for Statistics in the Biomedical Sciences)

The University Center for Statistics in the Biomedical Sciences (CUSSB) is a research center at USR. It is a leading academic statistics center in Italy born within a research structure of outstanding level both in the clinical and in the biomolecular areas. Its main areas of interest are in biostatistics (e.g. plan of experiments, design and analysis of multicenter therapeutic and intervention clinical trials, statistical modelling for complex high-dimensional data even in a Bayesian way, permutation testing, joint modelling, multivariate techniques for biomarkers discovery, shape analysis) and bioinformatics (e.g. analysis of microarray data and next-generation sequencing data, statistical methods for the correlation analysis between clinical and genetic data). The unit is made up also by a team of psychological experts of San Raffaele Research Institute is in charge for planning the protocol, recruiting patients and evaluating psychological phenotypes and parameters from a clinical point of view. The team includes: